About me

Dear visitor,

Jordi sxm

Welcome to this website. From here I will inform you about the work I have done, are doing and might do (for you) in the future. On this page I will tell you something about myself.

In the summer of 2013 I obtained my M.Sc. in Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam after I obtained my bachelor in the same field the year before. Studying Anthropology at the UvA meant critically engaging with the world at large and my own position and activities within that world. For a more detailed description of the courses I participated in and my fields of expertise click here.

Of course the official education that I followed at the UvA has shaped the way in which I work. However, there are other aspects of my life that deeply effect what I do. Of most important consequence are the years of travel that I enjoyed from 2000 (when I graduated high school), until 2007, when I first started university. In these years I traveled across the globe and worked, mainly as a volunteer in almost all continents. More in-debt stories about my travel experience can be found here.

The different types of work I did during those years abroad have also influenced my career now. My engagement with youngsters, both as an educator and a social worker have left traces that shape me today. Therefore I still work with youngsters now and teach when possible. More information about my teaching abilities and aspiration can be found here.

The work I do; engaging with very different (but so similar) people on a level playing field, strongly resembles my daily life. The person I am during ‘work hours’ strongly echoes the one outside. The creativity that is part of my upbringing and adult living also highly influences my work. At the moment I favor singing, but in the past I focused more on theater and painting. For a short introduction into my more personal life click here.

In the fall of 2014 I started my journey as a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam. This means I am rather busy at the moment and will be travelling to the Dutch Caribbean in August 2015. However, if you are interested in my work and want to exchange thoughts on anything related to what I do, pleaseĀ contact me.

Stay well!


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