My very first teaching experience was gained at Casa Guatemala, where I voluteered in 2000. Upon returning to the Netherlands I found work as teaching assistant at ‘De Arnhemse Buitenschool’ (now called ‘De Ommezwaai‘). This primary school educates children that for one reason or another (behavioral, developmental, psychological)  cannot attend a regular primary school.

In 2006, I obtained my TEFL degree (Teach English as a Foreign Language) which I used to teach at DPCA academy in Pelling, India. Besides English I also taught geography and biology.

When I returned to the Netherlands and started studying at the UvA I soon missed working with children. In February 2004 I became a volunteer at the ‘Heppie Foundation’. Here I joined a group of volunteers that organizes and facilitates holidays and weekends for disadvantaged children in the Netherlands.

After graduating I started to give guestlectures and seminars at different universities. I tutored third year students at AVAG (midwifery academy Amsterdam, part of ‘Inholland Hogeschool’) during their research semester. As part of my PhD I taught anthropology courses at the UvA and at the University of St. Martin. I recently did the evaluation of mastertheses at the University of Utrecht.

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